HACCP & Food Safety Course

This qualification will enable individuals to understand the importance of implementing a food safety management system based on the codes HACCP Principles in a catering environment. They will learn their role in ensuring the effective operation of the HACCP system and gain the knowledge to identify, control and monitor hazards at points critical to food safety within their business. They will also understand the importance of taking corrective action when critical limits are breached and become familiar with the documentation and records needed to support a HACCP system.

Upon completion of these courses learners will know:
1. What is HACCP?
2. The benefits of HACCP
3. What is a HACCP study
4. Adverse consequences of not having HACCP
5. Pre-requisite for HACCP
6. Building a HACCP team
7. Food Safety Management explanation
8. Hazards and Contamination
9. The role of Employers and Employees
10. The law relating to HACCP
11. The implementation of HACCP
12. Failures of implementing HACCP

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