Certificate in Pastry & Bakery

This Training introduces trainees to Pastry and Bakery Production. The lessons will be a fusion of practical demonstrations and individual participation with relevant materials provided during the course of the study.

Objectives At the end of the program, the participants will be able to know, understand, handle :
1. Prepare different types of Bread
2. Prepare a variety of Pastries, Cakes, Tortes, Flans
3. Prepare Pies, Pizzas, Puddings
4. Prepare Croissants, Danish pastries, Cookies etc.

Theory & Practical
1. Food Safety & Hygiene, First Aid
2. Cooking Demonstrations
3. Nutrition
4. Bakery Knowledge
5. Food Knowledge, and Individual Cookery
6. Bakery Administration and Knowledge
7. Food Knowledge, Recipe Costing & Pricing

The course will cover all aspects of cookery for beginners; The Cookery Training takes place in our purpose built kitchen with plenty of working space for each student. You will enjoy working with other students and we also make sure there is plenty of personal tuition and help. A large part of each day is taken up with hands-on cooking as we believe this is the best way to learn.

1. Full Chef’s uniform (White chef’s jacket, White apron, Black trouser, Chef’s hat/ Hair net, Neckerchief, Black Safety Leather Shoes with rubber sole).
2. Torchon (kitchen towel).
3. Chef’s uniform to be purchased from any uniform distributor the school will advise.
4. Payments must be made in FULL or in TWO INSTALLMENTS.

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