Food Safety Level 1 & 2 Course Nairobi Kenya

Anyone who works in catering or hospitality needs to be aware of the latest food hygiene regulation and food safety standards. Having a sound knowledge of the latest food safety principles will also improve the quality of your product or service – irrespective of whether you’re a self-employed caterer, a chef or a waiter. All you need is Level 1, 2 or 3.

Upon completion of these courses learners will know :
. The correct temperatures needed for storage and food handling.
. Safely prepare and handle food.
. Food hygiene safety from delivery through to sale.
. Food hygiene safety best practices.
. Aware of common food pests and how to control them.
. The principles of cleaning and disinfection.Compliance with all of the relevant health and safety standards and how they apply to the workplace.

Suitable for:
i). Anyone, from new learners to those looking to renew knowledge.
ii). Those who handles or prepares food, or is involved in the management of such people Includes those in hotels, restaurants, takeaways, cafés, bars, fast food outlets, fish & chip shops, kitchens, hospitals, prisons, schools and colleges.

This Food Hygiene course is designed to provide you (or your staff) with the very latest food safety and hygiene training. Alongside information dedicated to explaining the basics of food hygiene, it contains lessons dedicated to:
. Food safety hazards and contamination
. Food preservation, storage and temperature control
. The legislation that governs food handling
. Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

A basic knowledge of food hygiene will mean learners progress quickly, but the courses are designed for staff working in the service or hospitality sectors, and should be suitable for any staff member.

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