Certificate in Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage Certificate course is designed to prepare the trainee to acquire necessary competencies to perform tasks expected correctly in Food & Beverage Service.

Course Objective
By the end of the Course, the trainee should be able to:
1. Observe workplace Safety and Procedures
2. Observe Hygiene while working in a food outlet
3. Effectively perform his or her duties and responsibilities as a Food and Beverage Service Personnel.
4. Prepare Food & Service Area and Serve Food and Beverages using basic technical skills.
5. Use of Service Tools and Equipment
7. Practice Restaurant Etiquette

Learning Modules
1. Workplace Safety and Procedures
2. Hygiene
3. Duties and Responsibilities of Food & Beverage Personnel
4. Food & Beverage Service Skills
5. Service Tools and Equipment
6. Etiquette
7. Emerging Issues and Trends in Food & Beverage Service
8. Menu Knowledge
9. Table Linen
10. Types & Styles of Service
11. Non- Alcoholic Beverages
12. Function Service
13. Alcoholic Beverages
14. Work Methods and Motion Study
15.Occupational information

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