Certificate in food production

Certificate in Food Production

This Course puts emphasis on practical work and competence acquisition. Trainees will be expected to have acquired adequate skills to be able to observe safety, demonstrate correct hygiene practices, use kitchen tools and equipment correctly and apply correct methods of preparation, cooking and presentation of food and beverages. The course covers all major theoretical, practical and workplace components of kitchen operations and culinary practice. Including soft skill focuses such as kitchen supervision, self development and communication. Equipping learners to enter the workforce confidently upon completion.

Course Objective
By the end of the course, the trainee should be able to :
1. Work safely in a Food Production Outlet
2. Observe Hygiene in a Food Production Outlet
3. Be familiar with Kitchen Tools & Equipment
4. Perform his or her duties as Kitchen staff effectively.
5. Produce Food in the Kitchen.

Food Production Training Modules
1.Food Production Outlet Safety
2. Hygiene
3. Introduction to Kitchen tools & Equipment
4. Duties & Responsibilities of Kitchen Staff
5. Food Production Methods.
6. Emerging Issues in Food Production
7. Recipes
8. Food Preservation
9. Estimating, Costing and Pricing
10. Food Preparation Principles
11. Work Methods and Motion Study
12. Occupational information
13. Kitchen procedures and controls
14. Basic Food Science Principles
15. Nutrition
16. Food Photography and Styling Work integrated
17. Cost and Stock Control
18. Communication
19. Staffing and Development
20. Menu Development

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